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FinFive Projects endeavors to improve business performance by planning and leading strategy-driven business projects to deliver step change performance. We strive for operational excellence in linking finance and management accounting to corporate strategy.

Our services in relation to your Business include:
A) Appraisal and Analysis:
Value Chain Analysis
Our approach is based on aligning fundamental business processes contained in the value chain of the organization to achieve cost leadership and achieve superior performance
We focus on the primary and support activities of the organization and inherent linkages within the value chain to gain either substantial differentiation or cost savings
By adopting this approach we envisage substantial savings in overheads and more efficient utilization of capital resources

The establishment of a system of benchmarking within the organization where levels of performance and underperformance can be identified and managed
We adopt a phased approach in setting up a system of benchmarking within the organization from understanding internal processes to development of appropriate measures and KPI’s and identifying appropriate benchmarking partners
As a proper system of benchmarking would assist management to understand how well it is carrying out its key activities, we envisage reduced waste and costs of poor quality, reduced overheads through business simplification and transmission of best practice between divisions

Scenario Planning:
We assist in business scenario planning in conducting industry analysis and identifying key trends and uncertainties within the industry to assist the organization in strategy formulation
We firmly believe that a system of scenario planning would provide a method for management to focus on the business environment rather than just internal operations and events
B) Planning and Performance Measurement:
Business Planning
We assist management in developing business plans that will drive the organization towards achieving its strategic goals and objectives
Our approach is based on developing activity measures which will make divisions within the organization more aware of how their work fits in with the strategy of the organization
By adopting this approach we envisage driving strategic change through the translation of strategic vision in financial and non-financial targets for middle and line managers

Performance Measurement
We assist the organization in developing a performance measurement system by identifying key outputs required from activities and interfaces of activities with other parts of the firm in the value chain with a strong reference to activity based costing
Our performance matrix is driven by competitiveness, financial performance, quality management, flexibility, resource utilization and innovation

Cost Analysis
We evaluate cost incurred within the company and recommend changes or improvements that will reduce costs without impacting on the performance of the organization
C) Projects Accounting: (Capital Expenditure)
We assist in investment appraisals through a system of capital rationing
We adopt a project management approach in setting up a cost budget estimate (CBE) for capital/construction projects
We design appropriate cost structures and processes which would enable accurate measurement of capital project expenditure against predetermined targets
We design capital expenditure reports that provide feedback information to the users of information. These reports include non-financial measures and financial figures