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We have a proven track record in management consulting, project management and transactional services. We incorporate dynamic methods that are in the forefront of consulting services, resulting in effciencies and the containing of costs.

• Financial planning, budgeting and cash flow planning and forecasts:
  • Planning of resource requirements and allocation;
  • Planning and effective allocation of business assets;
  • Investment management and evaluation;
  • Analysis and performance reports as required on share and investment portfolios.
• Management Controls:
  • Assessment of management controls through testing and valuation;
  • Evaluating feasibility of new products and services;
  • Continuous examination of existing business units for market threats and opportunities for growth.
• New businesses services:
  • Compilation of business plans;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Negotiation and facilitation of corporate financing;
  • Commercial, statutory and taxation registrations;
  • Sourcing and placement of suitable personnel;
  • Design and implementation of complete accounting and internal control systems;
  • Performance evaluation and feedback.
• BB-BEE Planning and establishment of BB-BEE enterprises, offering solutions for:
  • BB-BEE Business plans;
  • Management and accounting services;
  • Initiation of new business hierarchies and structures;
  • ERP, CRM, E-Business.
• Secretarial department offering a wide range of services including:
  • Registration of Companies, Close Corporations & Trusts and associated statutory requirements;
  • Maintenance of statutory records;
  • Amendments to company and corporation details;
  • Conversion of corporations to companies and visa versa;
  • Lodging of annual returns.
• Individual Estate and Retirement Planning:
  • Financial structuring of clients’ portfolios to create and preserve wealth;
  • Minimising estate duty through effective tax planning;
  • Planning of lifestyle and capital growth needs;
  • Pension and provident fund assessment.
We aspire to provide
• Temporary fulfilment of management functions and assumption of directors’ responsibilities to ensure efficient
   and continuous running of the business;

• Comprehensive and optimal asset and portfolio management structures;

• Support and expertise in the establishment of new businesses;

• Ongoing evaluation of the business environment to identify opportunities and minimise set-backs;

• Peace of mind regarding secretarial administration and related Companies Act compliance;

• Specialist individual estate and retirement planning;

• Investigative and supportive forensic audit services with expert representation in court.