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We provide quality services to companies that require audits for statutory, regulatory or commercial purposes and can address any specific requirements a company may have.

Whether your company already has an internal audit control function or not, we can help you to obtain the most benefit from its analysis and evaluation and help implement more effective, functional controls. FinFive will help your company’s finance department accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to the evaluation and improvement of risk management and control.

The following audit services are provided:

• Financial statement audits, IFRS Reporting (Statutory audits);
• Sarbanes-Oxley compliance;
• Internal audits, accounting, technical and regulatory advice;
• Value added services to internal control and procedures;
• Special appointment audits, agreed-upon procedures, due diligence work and limited assurance reports.
Accounting and Payroll
Our professional team can create and implement a custom designed, integrated system that will suit your company’s particular needs.

We could therefore assist in:

• Accounting and management services;
• Selection, installation and integration of software packages with current systems;
• Payroll administration and compliance.
With the ever changing legislation governing the business world tax analysis, efficiency, planning and tax problem solving have increasingly become more critical to businesses and individuals across the world.

FinFive strives to eliminate the administrative burden of taxes, to create a tax strategy specific to our client’s needs and to assist in putting a tax strategy into place. FinFive strives to not just be another tax service provider but rather a partner in tax through the constant re-evaluation of each client’s tax needs.
We provide the following broad services to our clients:

• Corporate and international tax;
• Personal tax and estate planning;
• Tax compliance with legislative requirements;
• Administration of indirect taxes (VAT, PAYE);
• Improvement of tax efficiency of the daily administration and
   business structuring;
• Tax opinions and problem solving;
• Mining tax.
We aspire to provide
• A review of internal controls to ensure accurate and timely accounting reporting systems, identifying
  weaknesses and recommending and implementing new systems where necessary;

• The implementation of new internal controls. Drawing up of recommendations to increase accuracy and
  timeliness of accounting systems and furnishing of reports on which management decisions can be based;

• Maintenance of accounting and taxation records in compliance with International Financial Reporting
  Standards and the South African Income Tax Act;

• Reviews of accounting records and consideration of qualitative factors to provide pro-active business and tax
B. Doyle and Associates group is the largest and oldest company formation and secretarial agents in South African. We offer you a full range of both pre and post Company Compliant services.

Our company was founded by Basil Doyle in the early seventies and during 1989 Glynis Bishop joined the firm and has experience in all the functions of company secretarial services including specializing in all types of resolutions.

Fred Brugman joined the firm in June 2008 and has brought with him eleven years of experience in company secretarial services and has managed 500 companies in compliance with the Companies Act of 1973.

We strive to be the choice provider of company secretarial services in the growing markets that we serve. Some of our services that we provide include:

• All types of Shelf’s
1. Section 21
2. Public/ Private
3. Incorporated
4. Close corporations

• All Special Resolutions
1. Conversions
2. Share structures
3. Buy back of shares
4. Increase of share capital/Issued shares
5. Section 228 (Sale of assets)

• Lodgment of all Cipro documents

• Management of Companies

• Annual Returns

• Company registers / Minute books